Frequently Asked Questions

The HEPA Air portable power vacuum is attached to the ductwork so that when it is in operation, the dirt and debris dislodged by the air sweep are pulled into the HEPA Air. The multi-stage filtration system uses HEPA filters as the final stage to ensure that the exhausted air is "operating room" clean.

The Air Sweep portable air compressor is used to power the Air Sweep nozzle through the entire duct system. As it is pulled back, compressed air is shot through the nozzle, loosening the debris and "sweeping" it back toward the HEPA Air portable power vacuum.

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Not necessarily. New houses are in need of duct cleaning because contractors will sometimes run the heating and air units during sanding and drywall work, two processes that kick up dust and create fine particles in every new home construction. Also, we've found that workers often use floor vents as trash cans.

It depends on your filter type, but we recommend cleaning your ducts every three to five years. This will ensure high quality of air for you and your family and will save you money by ensuring that your heating and air units are running efficiently.

You'd think so, but the fact is that the average home filtration system only traps approximately 7% of the allergens and particulates in the air. We recommend that you replace old filters every 3-4 months.

After our service, customers found that duct cleaning helped relieve allergies and asthma, reduced dust and odors, and improved the efficiency of their furnaces.

Absolutely not. With our proper cleaning equipment, trained technicians, and high standard of quality service, clean air is the only thing we leave behind.

Essentially, we create a vacuum on the entire duct system using a large HEPA Vacuum. The HEPA Vacuum is connected to the furnace using a long 12" flexible pipe. One tech goes throughout the house, blowing down through the vents while the vacuum pulls it back toward the furnace. The other tech is at the furnace running pneumatic devices through the ducts to agitate and sweep the dust and debris.

The average time for our thorough service usually requires between 3 and 3.5 hours for a home with one HVAC unit and from 4.5 to 6.5 hours for a home with two HVAC systems.

Yes, for two possible reasons, safety and efficiency. Safety because a clean dryer vent prevents the duct from clogging and starting a fire. Efficiency because a clear vent reduces the time it takes to dry clothes.