Do you know what is in the air in your home?

The particles floating through your house can harm you and your family, especially the young and elderly and those with allergies. These particles – including pollens, animal dander, dust, and numerous other microorganisms – fill your home every time the heating and air unit turns on. Over time, these particles build up inside your home, causing health problems for your family and reducing the capacity and productivity of your HVAC system.

These detriments to health and home are avoidable through duct cleaning by The Duct Man. His team’s dedication to the highest standards of service and quality shines through their work. The Duct Man uses a HEPA-AIRE portable power vacuum and the AIRE-SWEEP compressor, and pneumatic devices (such as reverse AIRE-SWEEP, pheumatic whips, and brushes) which actually crawl through your ducts, dislodging the dirt and debris. This accumulation is then pulled into the HEPA-AIRE portable vacuum. The HEPA air filtration system is a household name and is commonly used in consumer-purchased vacuums to control allergens in the home.

The Duct Man of Atlanta Knows!

Duct Man customers reported many benefits from duct cleaning:

    •  Allergy and asthma relief

    •  Increased air quality

    •  Reduced strain on and increased efficiency of the HVAC system

    •  Less dust and odors throughout the home

Upgrading your air filter increases the length of time between cleanings and provides more protection for your HVAC system.

Air pollutants inside your home could be part of the problem. Some of the most common indoor air pollutants and allergens include:

•  Bacteria                                                  •  Cooking Odors

•  Dust                                                        •  Dust Mites

•  Household Chemical Vapors                  •  Pollens

•  Mold and Fungal Odors                          •  Tobacco Smoke

•  Pet Hair and Pet Dander                        •  Pet Odors

•  Off-Gassing from Furniture
   and Building Materials

The first sign that your dryer vent may need cleaning is clothes that take 10-15 minutes longer to dry than normal. This could indicate a clog in the dryer vent line, which creates more work for your dryer and a heat and pressure build-up in the vent.

Don’t ignore dryer vents either

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